Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence

Lady Chatterley's Lover
Author: D.H. Lawrence
Publisher: Signet Classic
Amazon rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Ennui's rating: 4 stars

Plot: Married to Clifford Chatterley who was injured in war, leaving him crippled and impotent, Constance sexual frustration begins to fester. When the idea of a child being born to her is brought up by her husband, Lady Chatterley finds herself in the arms of the Chatterley gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors. What begins as a simple love affair turns into something Constance could only dream of and Clifford's deepest fear.

Interesting quote:
All the while he spoke he exquisitely stroked the rounded tail, till it seemed as if a slippery sort of fired came from it into his hands. And his finger-tips touched the two secret openings to her body, time after time, with a soft little brush of fire.

"An' if tha shits an' if tha pisses, I'm glad. I don't want a woman as couldna shit nor piss." (P. 236)
Thoughts: I did my best to avoid the book because it was one of those novels I had to read as an English major (I avoided doing so during my four years of college). Finally opting to read the novel, I sat down and started. There was a time when I wanted to put it down, but as I continued on, the book just sucked me in. While I was egged on by my girlfriend for reading a love story (or even, a romance novel), I told her this wasn't anything like Harlequin except the cliched premise of lady of money falls for a working class man (but can we really call that a cliche yet?).

The book is well written as D.H. Lawrence knew how to use such colorful words like cunt and fuck in his prose. It ranges from subjects of working class and those in charge - much like The Communist Manifesto - to subjects of love, a woman's place in society, the innocence lost in war and so on.

It's understandable why the book is considered smut by some people, but I assure you it's everything but that.